As the ministry keeps growing by the day, our needs are also doing the same. This informs the desire for us to call on you as we have immediate need of a befitting accommodation and bus which would always come in handy when we need to respond to distress calls at any time of the day. Right now we’ve been making use of a rented duplex as our hostel for the past four years but the need for a permanent abode of our own would go a long way in easing our budget so that we can divert such fund to take in more girls.

Sponsorship Opportunities

By donating in cash or kind to Alabaster Oil Ministries, you would be identifying with a cause which is striving to give succour to hopeless, dejected and often disillusioned women groping in the dark trying to free themselves from the shackles of poverty. Your donation would also help in redeeming the dignity of womanhood as we work hand in gloves to rehabilitate such women.

What’s in it for Our Sponsor?

As a donor, you would be playing a major role as a socially responsible citizen who is willing to give something back to the society by helping us to rid our towns and cities of prostitutes as we give them an alternative means of livelihood. This will go a long way in helping us to salvage our country from the menace of this terrible vice as we would be safeguarding the future of our beloved country together. This would be a big leap because by the time we have the financial muscle to redirect the steps of these young girls we would have been able to cut down the number of youths who might have been susceptible to various STDs and even HIV/AIDS.

Identifying with us will also be your own way of helping these group of women to regain their pride as they would be adequately trained to take up gainful employment which would help them to take care of their needs.

Donating to a cause of this nature, would mean being identified with empowering women. This would be a big plus as you stand up for a cause of this nature. This we strongly believe would provide you with a wonderful opportunity to support a worthwhile contribution to national development. The attendant media attention would further increase your visibility and perception as a socially responsible citizen that is willing to play recognizable role in our country’s economic advancement. The donation will provide you with adequate press mention as various media relations activities would be deployed towards this.

The gratification of supporting a long-lasting legacy that would always be a reference point for generations yet unborn will enhance your image as a good citizen of this country. Being a part of this mission will also help you in creating the right impression that can influence high caliber institutions, parastatals and corporate players who will see you in a good light.

Donate Money

Alabaster Oil Ministry

First Bank PLC

Account Number 2003861565 (Naira account – Please use this if donating in Naira currency)

Account Number 2003491612 (Domiciliary account – Please use this if donating in Pounds sterling or US Dollars)

Donate in Kind

We also accept donations in kind, or skill acquisition partnerships. To offer us your assistance, please contact us