Interview with Alabaster Founder, Lorraine Nzimirro

Lorraine Uzomechina Nzimiro is the Founder of Alabaster Oil Ministry as well as the founder and CEO of Rumors Health and Beauty Spa. Lorraine’s focus in Alabaster Oil is the chance to rebuild lives through support and counselling. Coming from a body building background, Lorraine came upon spirit building by chance and found that her total fulfillment comes from giving girls on the street a chance to renew their lives and accept that they are worth much more in the eyes of God.

Lorraine is a highly motivated and passionate woman who is committed to promoting womanhood in the true African sense of a mother/sister/daughter and the cradle of our development. Her vision for Alabaster is to create a haven for inspiring and empowering women to reach their full potential in every way and impact their world. Hence her work in Alabaster oil is structured and calculated to give the girls a wholesome sense of themselves and a desire to renew their worlds.

Do you have any fond childhood memories?

Yes I do, on campus UNN, going around riding my bicycle and swimming with my friends. My younger bothers pushing out the car, so no one would hear and we would drive the car around campus. It was very naughty but lots of fun.

Why is your NGO called Alabaster Oil?

I got the name “Alabaster Oil” from the Bible, the woman in the gospel in Luke 7. The sinful woman that anointed the Lord’s feet for burial.

You mentioned that these girls go to work outside the hostel, how do you ensure that they don’t go back to the brothel during work hours before returning to the hostel?

I cannot ensure that they don’t go back, but the companies that teach them skill acquistion, know where the girls are coming from so they help us with accountability. They know when the girls get to work and the time they leave. Mostly, it is the work of God. He is the one that really keeps them because we believe the girls we work with are tired of the life and that is why they come out. So it is the grace of God that keeps them from going back.

What is the rehabilitation process,how long does it take and how do you ensure after rehabilitation the girls don’t fall back to the trade?

The first six to eight weeks we get to keep them in the home under a regimented routine. Praying with them, counseling and teaching them to be the women that God has called them to be. The women God will use to impact their generation. After which we find out what they would like to do and send them to a company that would help us. Usually they stay for about a year, and then we encourage them to go out on their own. But God has been good, most of them have been married in the process while still under Alabaster Oil.

Where was the first brothel you ever evangelised at and what was the result you got there?

The first brothel we started evangelism is called “Emota” in Mushin. God did an amazing thing there, we almost emptied the brothel. 80 percent of the girls left and the brothel was closed down afterwards. The owners of that particular brothel are now very close friends of mine and they had been in this business for about 2 generations and they are now into legitimate business. I am looking forward to God doing the same thing he did in this brothel again because it hasn’t been done since then.

Were the girls willing to come to fellowship and how did the owners of these brothels react when they found out that you where actually making an impact on the girls?

The girls usually come to fellowship.. We start off by talking to the girls, earning their trust by giving them gift items; everyone likes gifts. On the 2nd visit we share bibles, we make sure that every girl gets a bible whether they come to fellowship or not. Firstly we must get permission from the owners and let them know what we are about. They are willing because they want to be associated with God, however once we start ministering and the girls start to leave, they stop us from coming they say “Madam you can’t come again… the girls are going…” but by then, the seed has already been sewn.

Is there any one case that stands out of one or any of your girls going back after rehabilitation or cases where girls runaway from the rehabiltation center?

Oh yes, we do have girls runaway, but 90 percent of the time, they do come back and we do take them back. Alabaster Oil is a ministry of Mercy and I believe that is why God me called into this ministry because his convenant over my life is Isaiah 54:10. I do understand Mercy because if not for God’s Mercy, I could be one of these girls. Something that comes to mind is a poem with a phrase that goes, “There, but for the Grace of God go I.” It is only by God’s mercy that I can do his work.

You have been working in close knit with commercial sex workers,can you tell us why these girl go into this trade of selling their bodies for money?

They say its money, but I believe it is rejection, disunity in the home and lack of love. The bible says money answereth all things. For me the higher truth which is also in the bible is that love is above all and we all know that God is love, and because God is love, love will bring everything that we need to us. There is no need that love cannot answer to. The greatest of all is love.

I am sure you are aware of the situations in our universities right now, where we have young girls from good homes sleeping with older men for money. What exactly do you think is the problem and how do you think this can be solved?

Right now I am working in close knit with a church called “Friends of God”. Their Pastor, Kola Ayeye, who has the mandate to work with these girls, has been organizing programs for them; talks, counseling and skill acquisition. The problem here I believe is the home. Any home where the head does not cover the helper according to the dictates of God, that home is in trouble. The woman must take her place as the helper. Her children must watch her and learn from her. It is not really about what she says but what she does. Children are wiser and more knowledgable than we think. It is what they see, that is what they will become. My daughter wrote me a letter the day I dropped her off at boarding school for the 1st time. She wrote to me “Mummy you are my role model, If not for you I would not be the Ekene that I am today”. This to me shows that she knows who she is and she loves who she is. Children must grow up loving themselves inwardly and being assured that they are on the right track. I had a young girl call me and said “Auntie Lorraine, pray for me, I do not like who I am.” And I felt this was so unfortunate.

Whats your philosophy of life?

You must find the mandate of God on your life and then live it, or you are just existing and not living.

Do you believe in the statement “It’s a mans world”?

I am not so sure that I believe that. We are all Men but the woman is the man with the womb (Miles Monroe), and she really is the helper. Without a helper the vision will never be. So you figure it out whose world it is.

You look stunning for your age. How do you stay fit and trim?

I jog almost every morning and I recently started yoga. I have always exercised all my life teaching classes, I had a gym and spa called “Rumours” so excercise has always been part of my life. Peace, knowing who I am and living my life for Him, that would keep anyone looking the way I look, and I love my friends and my friends do love me. I really do awesome friends and we love and enjoy each others company.

Do you swear by any beauty regime?

No beauty regime, but I swear by inner peace and exercise.

How would you describe your style?

I had to ask my friends about this one. A friend of my mind said “Out of the box, there is more to you than meets the eye”, but I will say simple, stylish and vibrant.

What is your vision for Alabaster Oil?

A City. To empty the brothels in Nigeria, where the girls will come and live for about 2 years and learn to become the woman that God has in mind. Get in touch with who they are, be empowered with life skills and move on to impact our great nation of Nigeria.

If you had the chance to live in someones shoes for a whole day who would it be?

I can’t think of anyone. I just love being me. But I have people that I admire and I love.

What has been your most luxurious extravagance?

I wouldn’t consider myself an extravagant person but I love beautiful things.

If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I procrastinate alot.

What advice will you give to the young growing up and their mothers?

Mothers keep close to God, and let him mold you. If not for you, for your children and our great nation Nigeria. Because it is the family that impacts the nation. If we influence our children positively, our nation would be headed in the right direction.