Case Profile – Vivian Eluma

Vivian was born on the 26th of September, 1978 at Aba in Abia State to a family of nine including the parents. She attended Oboro Technical School in Imo State from 1992 to 1998. She came to Lagos in 1999 with her uncle whom she was living with till 2000 when she moved in with a friend, Oluchi, who introduced her into prostitution. She came in contact with Alabaster Oil Ministries in 2002.

Alabaster Oil Ministries took her to Newton and David where she spent four months learning to be a florist. She left for Omar Gardens to learn landscaping and worked there for four years before setting out on her own. She floated her own floral arranging, landscaping and decoration outfit, Vingo, in 2007.

Vivian has never lived in Alabaster Oil Ministries’ hostel, but from time to time, we have been responsible for her upkeep, giving her money to see the younger sister through school and paying her house rent as the need arises.

Vivian is a focused young lady who is willing and ready to make something great out of her life, as attested to by her hardworking nature.