Case Profile – Sharon Akaruesi

Born on the 13 of August, 1981 in Sapele as the second child in a family of five, Sharon ran away from home to live at her aunt’s place in Warri at the age of eighteen in SSS 3. Four months after, she left her aunt’s place following her uncle’s foiled attempts at raping her.

She came to Lagos in the company of Vera; her friend. She lived with Vera for two months after which she was introduced into the trade. Vera got her the first customer, Tunji who impregnated her. On her way to the hospital where she hoped to get the pregnancy terminated, she was involved in a fatal accident that left leg broken and was hospitalized for nine months.

While in the hospital, she came in contact with Alabaster Oil Ministries and from there we took up the responsibility of her upkeep and hospital bills. She had her baby Chigoze through a Caesarian Section and till date he is still in the care of Alabastar Oil Ministries.

When she was fully recuperated and could now move around, we got her a job at Interior Options as a cleaner. She moved out of the hostel after one year of working. She moved in with a friend, Anita, and while here she was working at Interior Options during the day and as a prostitute at night. It was in the course of doing this that she met Okechukwu aka Bobby who persuaded her to move into his house as a live-in-lover. The distance between Interior Options and Bobby’s house made her to stop working there.

Okey proposed marriage shortly after she moved in with him but the relationship has been off and on due to physical abuse as she has been moving in and out of the house from time to time. She says the bone of contention has always been her getting pregnant for him and to date she has undergone six abortions.

Right now she is five months pregnant and after several attempts at terminating it, none of those methods seem to be working for this particular pregnancy. This has made her to resign herself to fate and is ready to have the baby.

Sharon’s dilemma is that she is not sure she loves the father-to-be and she is not willing to marry without love.