Case Profile – Joy Samuel

Joy was born on the 15th of May, 1978 to a family of three at Benin. She lost her dad at the age of two and her mother could only afford to train her up to the primary school. She came to Lagos at the age of nineteen with a friend who promised to get her trained as a hair stylist.

On getting to Lagos she met a different ball game as she was made to stay at Remembrance Brothel working as a prostitute. One day she went to visit her friend, Beauty at Emotan Brothel when she met Alabaster Oil Ministry’s evangelists who were on evangelism at the brothel.

She gave her life to Christ and decided to make a u-turn when the ministry promised to help her as she was already pregnant and we counseled her against terminating the pregnancy. She left the brothel and moved in to the hostel where she stayed for three months after which we took her back to Benin. While in Benin, Alabastar Oil was sending money to her regularly for her upkeep and ante-natal care.

After three months in Benin she left for Ibadan in search of the father of her baby. At Ibadan, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, named Favour. Her union with the father of her son was characterized by excessive physical abuse. Alabaster Oil was still responsible for her upkeep even while at Ibadan. After two years, she got pregnant again, but the baby died at birth. When the physical abuse became unbearable, she left for Benin where she was for a year before coming back to Lagos.

Before leaving for Lagos, Alabaster Oil Ministry gave her money to get her son enrolled in a school while she stayed with her elder sister in Benin. On getting back to Lagos in October 2007, she was enrolled as an apprentice with Glamour Hair Dressing Salon. By November 2008, Joy would be completing her apprenticeship and Alabaster Oil Ministry will set up a salon so that she can take proper care of her son.

Presently Joy lives in the hostel.